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There's a little story behind why I make these puzzle boxes.
There is a site called TheHellbound Web that I found years ago, it has since changed hands and has changed greatly since then, but that's where I found someone who was making and selling Hellraiser Puzzle Boxes online.

I ordered one and then started asking around about the guy and found out he took forever, sometimes over a year to deliver these boxes and when they were delivered they were of such bad quality they would fall apart shortly after receiving them. Well needless to say mine took over 6 months but I kept pestering him and it finally arrived.

When I got it I opened the box to find the panels were ALREADY peeling off! The panels were also scratched and what looked to be sanded in a tryto clean them up. That was it, $200 down the drain on a piece of crap, and for a Hellraiser fan like myself that was unthinkable.

It was then that I vowed that no one should ever have to buy a piece of crap puzzle box like that EVER again and thats when I decided to start making them myself BUT Ihad help from someone who most old timers know, The Toymaker.

The Toymaker was someone who made some of the first replicas around on the internet and he guided me and helped me to come up with my own way of doing things and I succedded. Shortly after The Toymaker disappeared.

Update 10/23/2012: The Toymaker disappeared many years ago, maybe like 10 years ago. He had such an impact on me I tracked him down, to make sure one of his own puzzle boxes hadn't gotten him. I found him and he has since shown his face again on The Hellbound Web. Welcome Back Toymaker!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
The Puzzle Box Maker


My Hellraiser Puzzle Box is a handmade replica of the Lament Configuration from the movie Hellraiser. No two boxes are alike but we follow strictly the guidelines of the movie prop.
They are:
  • 3"x3"x3" inches square.
  • Made of Mahogany wood.
  • The pattern on the faces are .005" etched brass.
  • 2 sides of the box are lacquered black with the rest of the sides of the box showing the grain of the wood.
  • The box is sealed with many coats of quality lacquer to insure the panels don't peel off.
  • A quality replica suitable for any Hellraiser fan

Hellraiser Puzzle Box

These boxes are handmade replicas of the Lament Configuration from the movie Hellraiser.
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